HR managers, CSR programs or businesses with innovation, you are concerned …

Trip4Good The program promotes the quality of life at work, friendliness, cohesion of employees, while directly financing social impact projects.

Encourage your employees to travel responsibly during their business trips. Suggest that they use the Trip4Good program to accommodate an employee or be hosted by another employee group or friends. With hotel savings, finance your business through tax-free donations, social projects.

For example one night = 100 € tax-free donation = 1 year of education for one child at St. Alphonsus School in Haiti

Trip4Good offers a turnkey solution for easy and fast implementation through:

knowledge of key criteria for project success: support of employees, management of funds collected, place good program.
a la carte services to facilitate adherence of employees: selection of social projects, choice of internal ambassadors presentation to staff, internal communication equipment, feedback on the projects supported.
linking employees “travelers” with “hosts” employees.
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