Getting hosted with Trip4Good for a business trip is as easy as 1-2-3:

1-icon1Plan your trip and get hosted

Sign up here: Enter your destination and dates and with Trip4Good we’ll connect you with a colleague to host you. You can also choose to stay with a friend. With Trip4Good you’ll find somewhere to stay that match your plans and you’ll be doing a good deed at the same time.


2-iconChoose your social project

Your company with a  committee selects associations recognised for their work and their impact on the ground and projects in line with your company vision. You can choose, for example, between a program for educating children in developing countries, or an environmental scheme to plant trees.


3-iconStay with a colleague, or host a colleague, and make a difference together

On your business trip, spend time with a colleague or friend. You can also choose to host a colleague and demonstrate a true act of generosity. Nothing like some real time together and solidarity between people working together for a good cause. It is through you that our charity projects can be supported.